Our goals: 
 Helping people to find a place where you can feel good, great way to spend free time, relax in a friendly in human society,
 introduce club members to events of ballroom dancing and dancing in balls,
 create opportunities for members with no age limit to learn dance courses and apply the acquired skills in balls,
 to inform about different corporate and social events with dancing, organize their collective visits.

See you at the ball! 

Participation in the ball does not mean passive viewing or listening, because the ball is not a concert, in balls the main activity is dancing itself. 

Dancing at the ball does not need special gifts, the basic steps can be learned by anyone! No dancers in balls race for the best performance, there are no diplomas, medals or cups. In a ball is not polite to dance sporty style, trying to "beat" the other, or to dance a "show." 

In balls the traditional ballroom dances are used: Latvian preference is for the classic rotating and walking ballroom dances, but the program may include also Latin American dances and swing dances. 

To participate in balls, one must be able to dance at least some basic movements, dancing must be learned. To learn or teach dancing during the ball are no good manners. Talented dancers can learn by watching other dancers, but most people need to learn in ballroom dance courses. 
In order to dance at the ball, one must be clean, dress according to the specified dress code, and behave in accordance with the requirements of decent behavior. 

Unlike race or show where dance figure previously staged sequences, in ball there is chance to improvise, it means to choose the dance steps in accordance with the partners' skills and the situation on the dance floor.To improvise, the man leads the dance, but the lady - follows.

Unlike the competition, where the dance only with its long-standing partner at the ball must be prepared that you can be invited by anyone of the opposite sex ballroom visitors.

Where to learn ballroom dance steps?

Learn to dance at the ball is not difficult! The difficult part is to get oneself together and enter the ballroom dancing course. Cesis is one of the few Latvian cities, where residents have the opportunity to learn directly ballroom instead of sports dance, because here works Society ballroom dancing club "Reveranss".

Dainis Liepiņš, the association "Reveranss" Chairman of the Board.

Contact information: mob. 26233690,